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     In a blow to democracy, ballot access, and diversity, Democratic candidate for county executive Steve Levy's campaign has succeeded in removing candidates John Keenan and Jordan Wilson from the ballot for this Fall's election. Using thousands of dollars, a gaggle of lawyers, county patronage employees, the complicity of the Board of Elections, and a complete lack of ethics, Levy decided to substitute back room action for an open election, power and money for public voting rights.

     John Keenan, a New York City Firefighter running on the Green line, and Jordan Wilson on the Liberal line, the first African-American to run for Suffolk's highest post, were supported by many individuals working countless hours to gather signatures from the citizens of Suffolk to get them on the ballot. Levy and the Democratic leadership has chosen to use lawyers and legal maneuverings rather than the ballot box in an attempt to crush their opponents, negate the good work of many, and limit the choice of the citizens of Suffolk County.

         Please call or email Steve Levy'scampaign office at (631) 567-5037 or to tell him that you will not vote for him in the general election and instead cast a write-in vote for John Keenan or Jordan Wilson. Click here for information on casting a WRITE-IN vote.

      You can also contact your Democratic Suffolk Legislative candidate and tell them you will hold their party responsible for the effort to limit both ballot access and diversity in Suffolk County. Their contact information is available at: .

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     For more information on these kind of attacks against ballot access, see the Gotham Gazette article Ballot-Bumping in New York . From the article "But local races are still decided as much in the courtroom as in the voting booth." Governor Mario Cuomo writing in the New York Law Journal said, "Often it appears that candidates spend more time in court trying to knock each other from the ballot than they do explaining themselves to potential voters." Make Steve Levy explain himself to you!

     For more information on the Liberal and Green candidates see Green Party Suffolk or John Keean at and Liberal Party Suffolk. For more information on this website contact

John Keenan and Jordan Wilson