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Baltimore ‘looting’ tweets show importance of quick and easy image checks

Posted by in Commentary, News, Rights, Violence · by Storyful · April 29, 2015 Unrest in Baltimore, like any other dramatic event these days, created a surge of activity on social media. In the age of the selfie and ubiquitous cameras, many people have become compulsive chroniclers of all their activities — sometimes unwisely so. Reactions ranged from shock and disgust to disbelief and amusement when a series of images started to circulate showing looters proudly displaying their ill-gotten gains. Not all, however, was as it seemed. Few things say America like KFC, and it was no surprise to see that…read more

Black Exhaustion

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By Pilot Viruet – Matter When we were children, my older brother and I looked nearly identical. So identical, in fact, that I sometimes successfully convinced strangers that we were twins, despite the two-year age difference. We wore similar boys’ clothes: baggy jeans, oversized T-shirts boasting our favorite hip-hop artists, construction boots, and camouflage jackets from our military father. I wore my hair in thick cornrow braids, typically underneath a baseball cap. I was often mistaken for a little boy and, because I’ve always been an androgynous tomboy who wanted to…read more

Our Own War in Our Own Time

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Follow Midcentury/Modern: Medium | Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the fall of Saigon (April 30, 1975), “Dick Cavett’s Vietnam” airs on PBS Monday, April 27. It examines the conflict’s impact on America through the prism of interviews he conducted as the iconic host of “The Dick Cavett Show.” And it prompts these reflections. “Private!” The drill sergeant spit the appellation in my face, his own face just inches from mine. I had arrived a day earlier to begin Basic Training at hot, dusty Fort Gordon, Georgia. After eight weeks here, most…read more

#TeachAcceptance and the Fight for the Soul of SF’s Catholic Schools

Posted by in education, News, Rights · by Patricia Miller · February 27, 2015 Despite media reports to the contrary, it doesn’t appear that San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone is backing down from his attempt to dictate the private morality of teachers in San Francisco Catholic schools or from his effort to exempt them from federal anti-discrimination protections. The San Francisco Chronicle reported this week that Cordileone will abandon his proposal to declare all teachers at Catholic schools in the diocese “ministers,” which under the Hosanna-Tabor Supreme Court decision would apply the “ministerial exemption” from federal labor laws to all teachers, not just to…read more