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10 Animals That Might Go Bye-Bye In 2015

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In the world of nearly extinct animals, there are a lot of unknowns — animals that live in the ocean are hard to count; birds and insects too. But it’s certain humanity is the root cause of extinction and the number of them is accelerating. When you want to identify the species next on the chopping block, you have to look back a few steps. Before a species is “extinct,” it is “extinct in the wild,” only existing in captivity. Before that, the species is “critically endangered” — a technical distinction bestowed by the…read more

Employee Monitoring Might Explain Your Missing Packages

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UPS is one company that is using more digital monitoring is ways that affect hiring and firing (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) As day to day office work becomes more and more digital, an increasing number of corporations and institutions are monitoring the movements and communications of office workers. Esther Kaplan uncovers many of these disturbing and intrusive behaviors, which inform hiring and firing decisions, and can push employees to their limits, in her article for Harper’s, “The Spy Who Fired Me.” For instance, UPS workers are tracked and monitored to meet increasingly burdensome quotas, which is why some…read more

Account Security 101: Passwords, Multifactor, Social Engineering, and You

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crashoverridenetwork (Online anti-harassment task force. please visit their web site. ) If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably been using the Internet for a couple of years, or perhaps your whole life – Email, funny cat videos, school stuff, work stuff, wedding invitations, the usual stuff. Maybe you don’t think you’ve made enough of a splash to get targeted by hackers, hate mobs, or worse. But, hypothetically, let’s say you find yourself in the crosshairs. After all, it doesn’t take much to be targeted. Maybe you spoke up about a…read more

Repetitive Motion Disorder: Black Reality and White Denial in America

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By Tim Wise I suppose there is no longer much point in debating the facts surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown. First, because Officer Darren Wilson has been cleared by a grand jury, and even the collective brilliance of a thousand bloggers pointing out the glaring inconsistencies in his version of events that August day won’t result in a different outcome. And second, because Wilson’s guilt or innocence was always somewhat secondary to the larger issue: namely, the issue of this gigantic national inkblot staring us in the face, and what…read more