South Carolina forces women to see ultrasound before abortion

[From: Feministing]

There’s nothing like a little woman-punishing to get legislators all hot and bothered.

A bill approved in the South Carolina House this week would force women to see a fetal ultrasound before they have abortions.

After three hours of passionate debate, the House voted 91-23 to require women to sign a statement swearing they had seen an ultrasound image of their fetus before getting an abortion.

A half-dozen other states offer ultrasound images to abortion patients, legislative staffers said. But those states do not require abortion patients view them.

You know, because it’s f$%^ing ridiculous.

And if you had any doubt that this law was about punishing women, and somehow making them “face? their transgression, check this out:

Rep. Todd Rutherford, D-Richland, railed against Republicans for opposing his amendment to exempt victims of rape and incest from the required ultrasound viewing.

This logic goes to show that this isn’t about making sure women are informed—it’s about punishing them. So women who were raped shouldn’t have to have their noses rubbed in their pregnancies and be punished any further–that’s just for the “bad? women who wanted to have sex. Ugh.

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