American’s Recycling Less Than 10% Of Cell Phones

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Ok folks, we’re officially in the Green Revolution and as such, we should all be on board.  Hybrid cars are coming out in record numbers, more people are walking, biking and using public transport; heck when celebrities are behind the cause shouldn’t you be? (Please, please tell me you heard my sarcasm.)

Cellular Progression
Creative Commons License photo credit: jurvetson

At any rate, I’m disappointed in all of us.  I just read an article that explained how this past quarter, only 9.4% of all Americans who purchased new cell phones actually recycled their own handsets.  Yeah, not even 10%.  Ok, now there IS a little silver lining, this is double the number of handsets recycled last quarter…still, not anywhere near where it should be.

According to the article:

“More than one third of all old handsets, 36.8 percent to be precise, were stored away in the fourth quarter of 2007, and now are collecting dust in closets throughout America…onsumers keep their old phones because they perceive them to have some residual value. However, all too often, those handsets end up in the trash when spring cleaning comes.” 

So, get up, find your phones and START RECYCLING.  I’m not a celebrity, I probably won’t ever be, but I think it’s pretty cool to save the planet.  Head over, read up and get recycling!