He’s Actually an Opportunistic Bigot

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From: The Stranger | Slog

Posted by Dan Savage

9e26/1240232227-giuliani-drag.jpgRudy Giulliani intends to campaign against same-sex marriage if he jumps into the NY governor’s race next year. Rudy’s gay BFFs—the male couple he lived with while he was divorcing his second wife—insist that Rudy has nothing against gay people. It’s just that the former mayor of New York—who’s on his third wife now (eww)—is a “traditional Catholic.” Yeah, one of those traditional Catholics with three marriages and God alone knows—or cares—how many adulterous encounters under his belt.

Rudy rightly notes that “Democrats, including President Obama and Hillary Clinton, have essentially the same position I have, which is let’s have civil unions.” To which I say, yeah, let’s have civil unions. They’re a slippery slope we can believe in.

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