Sorry, Obama’s not who you said he was, (but he is who _he_ said he was)

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Looking back at some election quotes:

Obama’s Historic Victory by Howard Zinn:

“But, as the first African American in the White House, elected by an enthusiastic citizenry which expects a decisive move towards peace and social justice, he presents a possibility for important change.Obama becomes president in a situation which cries out for such change. The nation has been engaged in two futile and immoral wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the American people have turned decisively against those wars.”

The people did not turn against the wars in voting for Obama, what I said at the time was:

“What people did was vote against Bush. They didn’t like him anymore, and took it out on McCain. The McCain tactic of claiming to have years of inside experience backfired when the economic went south and the voters blamed those in power for the collapse. And they couldn’t tell or didn’t care that Obama was no different than McCain on the economy. And the economy was the issue. Obama was a likely loser before it came along. Not the wars. Not social justice.”

Not only that, but Obama promised escalation when he ran. Unfortunately so many ignored that. So not only did people not vote against the wars, it is now proven (again) that what they got was another war president.

Another president whose so called health care reform package helps the insurance companies and doesn’t take care of the people’s health needs.

Another president who sacrifices women’s rights to their own bodies.

The only thing shocking is that some people are shocked.

–Roger Snyder

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