What is Beautiful, What is Different

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Rachel Giordano Then

In 1981, four-year-old Rachel Giordano became a poster child for Lego when she appeared in this memorable advertisement showing off one of her creations.

The ad, which was meant to show that creativity is not a boy thing or a girl thing, was actually quite controversial at the time and almost didn’t happen. Judy Lotas, one of the women responsible for the ad, actually had to fight to have Rachel included in it because it was argued that boys were the ones who liked to build things, not girls.

Luckily, Lotas stood her ground and ended up with one of the most powerful, iconic ads of all time — one that today’s toy and advertising industries can learn from.



Now, Rachel is a 39-year-old doctor who actually revisited her unforgettable Lego spot in 2014 when she teamed up with Lori Day, a psychologist, parenting coach, and HuffPost blogger.

Together, they recreated the 1981 ad to demonstrate the difference between the advertising industry’s approach to children’s toys then and now. According to Rachel, back in the ’80s, Lego was gender-neutral, but today, everything is either pink or blue and toys deliver messages about gender to children, which is completely unnecessary.

According to Lotas, “Boys and girls are different, but not to the exclusion of wanting to create and build. That is not a gender issue.”

From: Diply