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The Truth About Hymens And Sex

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Yea, it’s in a funny way, but does dispel many of the rumors (falsehoods) about hymens and sex. “People picture the hymen like it’s one of those paper banners at a sports game,” the video’s host, Emily, explains. “They think it covers up a lady’s vagina, and then when she has sex for the first time, it gets busted … Everything about that is wrong.” That misconception can lead to some pretty terrible things for women — all the way up to, in some parts of the world, humiliating “virginity tests”…read more

Clinton’s “Me” problem, quantified

Posted by in Commentary, Humor, politics · by Greg Ferenstein · April 14, 2015 Clinton’s “Me” problem, Quantified (In 2 Graphs) There is a nagging suspicion that Hillary Clinton’s campaign suffers from narcissism. It’s the kind of suspicion that is hard to prove, but is nonetheless palpable every time the campaign releases a video. Last weekend, Saturday Night Live aired a viral skit where a campaign aide coaches a hyper-narcissistic Clinton (played by the amazing Kate McKinnon) on how she should address her online audience, “You said this new campaign is not about you, it’s about the people, so let’s…read more