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Spying on students? Education publisher Pearson monitoring social media activity

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By Perry Chiaramonte Published March 16, 2015 A copy of the leaked letter penned by a NJ school superintendent over Pearson’s monitoring of students’ social media. ( One of the world’s largest education publishing companies, which crafted the standardized tests for the new Common Core curriculum, has been monitoring social media accounts to see if students refer to their exams. Pearson — a British-based publishing house with it’s U.S. headquarters in New Jersey — has the contract to develop and provide the PARCC (Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness…read more

‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ was built on a lie

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[This column is angering folks from of all political stripes, possibly because it does not fit into their narrative of the Ferguson story, or racism in this country. A number of reactions are based on just the title; it seems a many folks have reacted without reading the article. Take it how you want, but I believe this adds to the necessary discussion.-RS] By Jonathan Capehart March 16  Follow @capehartj The Justice Department report on the shooting of Michael Brown forces Post opinion writer Jonathan Capehart to face uncomfortable truths. (The Washington Post) The…read more

Tax Cuts Still Don’t Pay for Themselves

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A new report says a Republican tax cut plan would increase tax revenue in the long run, but economists disagree. by Josh Barro, The Upshot, NYT Last week, I wrote about the new tax plan from Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Mike Lee as the “Puppies and Rainbows Tax Plan,” because it’s a plan that includes something for everyone. It calls for big tax credits for middle-income families with children, corporate tax cuts and complete elimination of the capital gains tax — and as a result would cost trillions of dollars in revenue…read more

Losing paradise: the people displaced by atomic bombs, and now climate change

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People in the Pacific Marshall Islands and Kiribati are facing oblivion as the sea around them rises, and they are already suffering from food shortages, droughts and floods. Karl Mathiesen reports from the frontline of climate crisis. Karl Mathiesen in the Marshall Islands and Kiribati. From The Guardian. In 1946 an American commodore gathered Lirok Joash and her people together and asked them to temporarily leave their homes on Bikini Atoll. The US needed somewhere to test its atomic bombs. It would be, said the navy man, “for the good of…read more