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Repetitive Motion Disorder: Black Reality and White Denial in America

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By Tim Wise I suppose there is no longer much point in debating the facts surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown. First, because Officer Darren Wilson has been cleared by a grand jury, and even the collective brilliance of a thousand bloggers pointing out the glaring inconsistencies in his version of events that August day won’t result in a different outcome. And second, because Wilson’s guilt or innocence was always somewhat secondary to the larger issue: namely, the issue of this gigantic national inkblot staring us in the face, and what…read more

Williams: The wall of white privilege

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By EDWARD WYCKOFF WILLIAMS, The Root Rancher Cliven Bundy (C) with body guards departs after a news conference near his ranch on April 24, 2014 in Bunkerville, Nevada. (Credit: Getty Images / David Becker) In 1903 W.E.B. Du Bois opined that one of the burdens of blackness was facing down an ever-present question: “How does it feel to be a problem?” More than a century later, the changes on our social and political landscape have led us to an equally challenging question: How do you solve a problem like white privilege in…read more