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Why mass transit is doomed in America: Politicians don’t know people who use it

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If big, liberal cities can’t adequately fund their transit systems, what hope does anywhere else have? If you want to know why mass transit is doomed in the United States, look at the place where it is undoubtedly more successful — and more widely used — than anywhere else in the country: New York. In 2008, Michael Bloomberg proposed congestion pricing for Manhattan’s inner core, proposing an $8 charge for most passenger cars, to be charged only once a day. The money would’ve gone to the MTA, to fix up…read more

NY Pension Cuts Fuel Insurgent Public Employees

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[From: Labor Notes ] NY Pension Cuts Fuel Insurgent Public Employees Jon Flanders |  April 2, 2012 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has led an assault on state employees, spearheading a recent drive for a pension cut. A new caucus inside an influential public sector union is determined to roll back the attacks and re-energize a demoralized workforce. Photo: Hudson Valley Labor. New York state public employees, like their compatriots across the U.S., are in the gunsights of politicians eager to appease irate taxpayers by slashing workers’ pay and benefits. A new caucus…read more