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Black Exhaustion

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By Pilot Viruet – Matter When we were children, my older brother and I looked nearly identical. So identical, in fact, that I sometimes successfully convinced strangers that we were twins, despite the two-year age difference. We wore similar boys’ clothes: baggy jeans, oversized T-shirts boasting our favorite hip-hop artists, construction boots, and camouflage jackets from our military father. I wore my hair in thick cornrow braids, typically underneath a baseball cap. I was often mistaken for a little boy and, because I’ve always been an androgynous tomboy who wanted to…read more

The Right to Water

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Safe and clean water is a human right. Yet every year, 3.5 million women, men and children die from disease because they don’t have the access they need to water, sanitation and hygiene. That is nearly 10,000 people every day. Read more about how the IRC is providing access to clean water and other critical aid in crisis zones. People living in crisis zones are particularly vulnerable: Wars and natural disasters can cut off water supplies in an instant. Those who lose their homes may be forced to live in overcrowded spaces without adequate…read more

Praising the Dear One? Videos Raise Concerns Over Use of School Children To Praise the President

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[From JONATHAN TURLEY] We have been discussing the propriety of public schools putting on worshipful performances about President Barack Obama. While I voted for him and support many of his policies, it does concern me to see children enlisted in such performances, which are not the norm in American education or politics. While some extreme conservatives have been campaigning on this issue, I do believe that there is a legitimate objection to the use of children to sing the praises of political leaders. There are the lyrics of one of…read more