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COVIDenial Executive Summary

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By Desmog Blog Staff, originally published by DeSmog Blog May 7, 2020 “Government should be doing little or next to nothing,” Richard Ebeling wrote in a post about COVID-19 republished on March 24 by the Heartland Institute. “The problem is a social and medical one, and not a political one.” “I just think we’re going to be fine. I think everything is going to be fine,” Heartland editorial director and research fellow Justin Haskins said about COVID-19 during a March 13 episode of the podcast In the Tank. “I really…read more

The Environmental Scandal That’s Happening Right Beneath Your Feet

Posted by in Environment · by Matter · November 6, 2013 Uprising: Winner of the 2013 AAAS Kavli award for online science journalism. BY THE TIME BOB ACKLEY crossed the Harlem River into Manhattan he’d been up for nearly four hours. It was still dark, not yet seven on a Sunday morning: the best time of the week to go sniffing for gas. The back seat of his hatchback was littered with hi-tech equipment. Plastic hoses and cables connected a web of instruments: a laser spectrometer, a computer, GPS equipment, a pump, and a fan. The jumble…read more

Acid oceans could cost the world billions of dollars

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By Tim Fernholz,  QUARTZ Fishing communities aren’t looking forward to a pH drop. Reuters/Lou Dematteis   Ocean scientists fear that climate change is dramatically shifting the chemical balance of the ocean in ways that will kill fish, molluscs and coral, harming 540 million people who depend on fisheries for their livelihoods—and anyone who likes a cheap oyster. Oceanographers gathered for a summit in Monterey, California, last month,producing a new report warning policymakers of the need to act. The world’s oceans are basically a giant carbon sink, absorbing about a quarter of carbon dioxide emissions….read more