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Bernie Sanders: Savior or Seducer of the Anti-War Left?

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by HOWARD LISNOWFF, Counterpunch Ashley Smith’s “A Socialist in the Senate? The Unfortunate Truth about Bernie Sanders,” (November 15, 2006) tells the tale of how the political Left gets thrown under the relentless wheels of the military-industrial complex by supporting candidates who do not consistently serve the interests of peace. The decimation of the forces for peace is predictable as they are sacrificed and offered up to the gods of electoral politics. The marginalization in each electoral cycle of the Left is a testament to how relentless the political/economic system…read more


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By Jack A. Smith, editor, Activist Newsletter There are important differences, of course, between Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican contender Mitt Romney, but the long conservative trend in American politics will continue regardless of who wins the presidential election Nov. 6. Either candidate will move it right along. From a left point of view, Obama is superior to Romney in the sense that the Democratic center right is politically preferable to the Republican right/far right. The Democrats will cause less social damage — though not less war damage or…read more


Green Party Election Results

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Image of Green Party NY Non-offical returns for all NY Green Party Candidates. Allen Carstensen Town Supervisor, Ulysses Roxanne Marino (Dem) 693 88% Allen Carstensen (Grn) 91 12% Evergreen C. Chou City Council, 20th District, Flushing, Queens Peter Koo (GOP) 8,081 49.6% Yen Chou (Dem) 7,278 44.7 % S.J. Jung (WF) 664 4.1% Evergreen Chou (Grn) 270 1.7% Jennifer Dotson Alderperson, 1st ward, Ithaca Running unopposed, 212 votes total 166 Democratic line 46 on the Green line Joe Duffy Mayor, Hornell Shawn D. Hogan (Dem) 925 66% Joseph J. Duffy…read more


Court keeps homeless man off Ill. village ballot

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From: Kansas City Star By DEANNA BELLANDI Associated Press Writer Daniel Fore, a homeless man and his attorney, Joseph Jacobi, right, speak at a news conference after a Cook County judge ruled that Fore could not run for a suburban village board seat because he doesn’t have an address Monday, March 9, 2009, in Chicago. The ruling upholds an Oak Park electoral board decision to bar Fore from the April 7th ballot in the suburb west of Chicago. Photo: M. Spencer Green Although he is homeless, Daniel Fore considers himself…read more