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The Environmental Scandal That’s Happening Right Beneath Your Feet

Posted by in Environment · by Matter · November 6, 2013 Uprising: Winner of the 2013 AAAS Kavli award for online science journalism. BY THE TIME BOB ACKLEY crossed the Harlem River into Manhattan he’d been up for nearly four hours. It was still dark, not yet seven on a Sunday morning: the best time of the week to go sniffing for gas. The back seat of his hatchback was littered with hi-tech equipment. Plastic hoses and cables connected a web of instruments: a laser spectrometer, a computer, GPS equipment, a pump, and a fan. The jumble…read more

No Bottom in Sight for Nuclear Disaster with Every Hour Bringing More Bad News

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Michio Kaku on March 14, 2011, 1:35 PM As of Monday morning, the situation in Japan continues to deteriorate and we haven’t hit bottom yet. Every hour on the hour continues to bring more bad news with even more complications. This isn’t the type of situation that has a step-by-step emergency plan. We are witnessing a gigantic science experiment, with the Japanese people as guinea pigs. With everything seemingly have a domino effect at this point, the utility is literally making this up as they go along. Problems continue to…read more