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Pro-Gay Sites Filtered From Tennessee Students | Threat Level from

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Pro-Gay Sites Filtered From Tennessee Students By David KravetsApril 15, 2009 Public schools in Tennessee are filtering access to online websites discussing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues, but are not blocking sites advocating “reparative” therapy to change their lifestyle. Nobody is disputing the existence of the filters in the Knox County Schools and Metro Nashville Public Schools. But the schools are blaming their internet and filtering service for what the American Civil Liberties Union is decrying as viewpoint discrimination in violation of the First Amendment. The internet service,Education Networks…read more


Vermont legalizes gay marriage with veto override

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MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — Vermont has become the fourth state to legalize gay marriage — and the first to do so with a legislature’s vote. The Legislature voted Tuesday to override Gov. Jim Douglas’ veto of a bill allowing gays and lesbians to marry. The vote was 23-5 to override in the state Senate and 100-49 to override in the House. Under Vermont law, two-thirds of each chamber had to vote for override. The vote came nine years after Vermont adopted its first-in-the-nation civil unions law. It’s now the fourth…read more


Christians: Help! The Gays Are Persecuting Us! News

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[From] I’ve always struggled to understand the mindset of those opposed to gay marriage rights on religious grounds (which I’m quite sure is all opposed whether they realize it or not), but thanks to a new column in a publication called “The Christian Post” I have some insight:  they’re going to get persecuted. Continue reading Christians: Help! The Gays Are Persecuting Us! at