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From: Dear Friend, With all of my heart I wish that I did not have to send this appeal. I wish that I did not have to ask you to give generously again and, more than anything, I wish that there was no need. But today in Gaza women and their families live in such grave danger, and face a health and humanitarian crisis so dire, that MADRE must help and we must help now. When Israeli bombings began ten days ago women and children in Gaza were already vulnerable….read more


Gaza November 16, 2008

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WARNING This image contains graphic or objectionable content. Click to view. The bodies of two Palestinian militants lay near their mortar launcher after an Israeli airstrike in Gaza November 16, 2008. They had been firing mortar rounds into a neighboring Israeli neighborhood. An Israeli air strike killed four Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip on Sunday and two rockets fired from the Hamas-controlled territory hit Israel as a five-month-old ceasefire continued to unravel. (REUTERS/Stringer)


Letter on Gaza

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(Borrowed from Progressive Secretary) Israeli armed forces, aggressively responding to the continued firing of missiles by Hamas, have mounted a devastating attack on Gaza that is killing women and children along with their Hamas targets. Missile firings into Israel continue. The world has lethargically allowed this festering threat to world peace to go on far too long. Gaza is one large concentration camp, civilians are suffering on both sides, and the Mideast is in turmoil. Israel and the Palestinians cannot solve the problem unaided. Firm but compassionate intervention by the…read more