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Who Rates Teachers This Way?

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David Knuffke in Medium In his recent “State of the State” address, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed substantial changes to the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) scoring system by which teachers in the state are rated every year. Currently, NYS teachers are rated under a system where classroom observations count for 60% of the rating, 20% is a state-provided score based on student performance on standardized exams (for subjects where exams exist), and 20% is a locally-determined score based on student growth. Based on these criteria, teachers are…read more

Teachers Versus Tyrant

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Students and teachers protest outside Brooklyn Technical High School. | Photo Credit: Nowshen Pranthi Governor Cuomo is holding public school funding hostage — but not if these teachers and students have anything to say about it. The Synapse Outside of the largest public high school in the country, Brooklyn Technical High School, teachers and students joined hands Thursday afternoon to unite against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s education policies. The protest was part of a day of action organized by the United Federation of Teachers, which has come out strong against Cuomo’s…read more