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Would you vote for a Democrat who behaves like a Republican?

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Both Democrats and Republicans surveyed are approximately 19 percentage points more likely to select a candidate from their own party than one from the other party—an effect that exceeds those observed for a candidate’s policy positions and support or opposition to democratic principles. Imagine you are a fairly mainstream Republican voter and are considering Republican candidate Luis Vasquez. He says he wants to raise taxes on the wealthy and believes government should do more to prevent discrimination against racial minorities. Would you still vote for him? What if you are…read more

Green Party Election Results

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Image of Green Party NY Non-offical returns for all NY Green Party Candidates. Allen Carstensen Town Supervisor, Ulysses Roxanne Marino (Dem) 693 88% Allen Carstensen (Grn) 91 12% Evergreen C. Chou City Council, 20th District, Flushing, Queens Peter Koo (GOP) 8,081 49.6% Yen Chou (Dem) 7,278 44.7 % S.J. Jung (WF) 664 4.1% Evergreen Chou (Grn) 270 1.7% Jennifer Dotson Alderperson, 1st ward, Ithaca Running unopposed, 212 votes total 166 Democratic line 46 on the Green line Joe Duffy Mayor, Hornell Shawn D. Hogan (Dem) 925 66% Joseph J. Duffy…read more


Unknown Automaker Could Build The First Electric Sedan

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From: Coda Automotive unveils its new electric prototype, promising a production model by next year for $45,000. SANTA MONICA, California — The first electric sedan you’re likely to see in showrooms could come from a company you’ve never heard of and cost more than you’re willing to pay. Coda Automotive unveiled the Coda on Wednesday and promised to begin selling it by this time next year. The four-door, five-passenger mid-size car features pedestrian styling, a range of 90 to 120 miles and a whopping $45,000 price tag. It will…read more