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The Dirty Truth About (Some) E-Waste Collections

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[From Greener Computing] A new report just published by the Basel Action Network and the Electronics Takeback Coalition is highlighting the many issues and pitfalls around how the United States deals with electronic waste. The report concerns an Oklahoma-based e-waste recycler, a series of free public e-waste collection drives in western Pennsylvania, and the sticky morass that is U.S. e-waste export rules. A little background: BAN and Electronics Takeback have long been advocating for responsible e-waste policies in the U.S. Because this country is the only developed nation that hasn’t…read more


Green Party Election Results

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For President National Voting, with 95% of the precincts reporting. Candidates with over 100,000 votes: Barack Obama, Dem 52.34% 62,748,399 John McCain, GOP 46.38% 55,596,984 Ralph Nader, EPF 0.54% 645,158 Bob Barr, Ind 0.40% 482,352 Chuck Baldwin, AKI 0.14% 172,262 Cynthia McKinney, Grn 0.12% 140,413 Complete list. NY State Voting, with 98.56 percent reporting Obama 62.17% 4,309,102 McCain 36.68% 2,542,004 Nader 0.54% 37,460 Barr 0.32% 22,294 McKinney 0.17% 11,949 Calero 0.08% 5,608 La Riva 0.03% 2,273 Total 6,930,690 Green Party Congressional Races Green Party Statewide Races Green Party County and…read more