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Lego is ending giveaways with the Daily Mail over ‘hate campaigns

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By Gianluca MezzofioreNov 14, 2016 Lego has announced it will not run any more promotional giveaways with the Daily Mail after a heartfelt plea from a father on Facebook.Bob Jones, a British parent, wrote an open letter to Lego on Facebook last week saying the paper’s headlines “create distrust of foreigners” and “blame immigrants for everything.””Your links to the Daily Mail are wrong. And a company like yours shouldn’t be supporting them,” he said.This was brought to Lego’s attention in a tweet by the Stop Funding Hate campaign.In response, Lego…read more

Say No to “Murder Music”

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Buju Banton, the anti-gay Jamaican dance hall, ragga, and reggae singer, whose song “Boom Bye Bye” advocates killing gay men with submachine guns and by pouring acid on them, is coming to Detroit’s Majestic Theatre on Wednesday, September 30th. Banton is a singer whose music promotes violence against LGBT people through lyrics such as, “Anytime Buju Banton come, faggots get up and run … they have to die.” He sings that he will shoot them in the head or “burn them up bad.” After receiving a flood of e-mails and…read more