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Clinton’s “Me” problem, quantified

Posted by in Commentary, Humor, politics · by Greg Ferenstein · April 14, 2015 Clinton’s “Me” problem, Quantified (In 2 Graphs) There is a nagging suspicion that Hillary Clinton’s campaign suffers from narcissism. It’s the kind of suspicion that is hard to prove, but is nonetheless palpable every time the campaign releases a video. Last weekend, Saturday Night Live aired a viral skit where a campaign aide coaches a hyper-narcissistic Clinton (played by the amazing Kate McKinnon) on how she should address her online audience, “You said this new campaign is not about you, it’s about the people, so let’s…read more

“Not to stand up to protest the forces of death is to become part of them”: Hilary Rodham

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[From: OntheWilderSide] “Not to stand up to protest the forces of death is to become part of them”: Hilary Rodham [sic]Posted on December 19, 2009 by wilderside We all know that Obama turned his back on the peace movement when he moved from the Illinois legislature to the US Senate. But it is rarely discussed that Obama’s accomplice in promoting the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was once part of an anti-war movement – – 40 years ago. My mother passed away recently. My family has…read more


He’s Actually an Opportunistic Bigot

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From: The Stranger | Slog Posted by Dan Savage Rudy Giulliani intends to campaign against same-sex marriage if he jumps into the NY governor’s race next year. Rudy’s gay BFFs—the male couple he lived with while he was divorcing his second wife—insist that Rudy has nothing against gay people. It’s just that the former mayor of New York—who’s on his third wife now (eww)—is a “traditional Catholic.” Yeah, one of those traditional Catholics with three marriages and God alone knows—or cares—how many adulterous encounters under his belt. Rudy rightly notes…read more