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Ten Things the US Can and Should Do for Haiti

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by Bill Quigley One. Allow all Haitians in the US to work. The number one source of money for poor people in Haiti is the money sent from family and workers in the US back home. Haitians will continue to help themselves if given a chance. Haitians in the US will continue to help when the world community moves on to other problems. Two. Do not allow US military in Haiti to point their guns at Haitians. Hungry Haitians are not the enemy. Decisions have already been made which will…read more


New York State Senate Rejects Gay Marriage in 38-24 Vote

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[From Politics Daily] The New York State Senate shot down a bill Tuesday afternoon that would have legalized gay marriage. The 38-24 vote was broadcast live online, and followed contentious debate. Senators filled the day with impassioned and sometimes rambling orations, mostly in support of the bill. Sen. Bill Perkins was one of several senators to call the vote an act of solidarity with beloved civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. Sen. Liz Krueger, of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, talked about her Jewish family coming to New York to…read more


Shame on Press Already Calling President Obama’s Plan an “Exit Strategy”

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A statement by Cynthia McKinney Many in the special interest press are cynically reporting the President’s speech tonight as an “Afghanistan exit plan.” We have now reached the point where those who make and interpret current events think they can make us believe that war is for peace, ignorance is strength, slavery is freedom, and lies are the truth. Well, we know the truth, and we will not rest until every drone is stopped and no more bombs are dropped. We will not rest until peace is won. Dr. Martin…read more