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On Jayme Closs And All The Men Angry At The Gillette Ad

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By Amy MonticelloJanuary 16, 2019 I am scared of erecting a wall of arrogance by telling myself that I will raise my daughter to be stronger than a man with a gun who is hell-bent on taking her, who has thought of nothing else but taking her no matter how hard I hold on to her in the bathtub. The detail of Jayme Closs’ abduction that will stay with me forever is the image of Denise Closs, Jayme’s mother, holding her 13-year-old daughter in the bathtub. Outside, Jake Thomas Patterson slams…read more

Why we still need Equal Pay Day

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Women rally for equal pay in Berlin. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images) By Catherine Rampell Opinion writer April 13, The Washington Post Happy Equal Pay Day! This Tuesday brings us a divisive political holiday of sorts, representing how far past Dec. 31 women must work to earn as much as men did the previous calendar year. Each year the day is celebrated with indignant speeches, political pledges, confusing stats and plenty of eye-rolling from unsympathetic men (as well as some women) who think crybaby ladies should just get over their persecution complexes already. Catherine Rampell is an…read more

3 Reasons Why Saying ‘Real Men Don’t Rape’ Reinforces Rape Culture

Posted by in Commentary, Rights, Violence · by Sian Ferguson · February 28, 2015 (Trigger Warning: sexual violence) For my entire life, I’ve heard that real men don’t rape. But the man who raped me was not imaginary – he was indeed very real. Yet, a great number of people use the phrase “real men don’t rape.” While it usually comes from a place of good intention, the phrase ultimately harms survivors and reinforces rape culture. We usually say that real men don’t rape because we’re trying to create a culture that shames rapists. We try to make them feel inferior…read more