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NY Pension Cuts Fuel Insurgent Public Employees

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[From: Labor Notes ] NY Pension Cuts Fuel Insurgent Public Employees Jon Flanders |  April 2, 2012 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has led an assault on state employees, spearheading a recent drive for a pension cut. A new caucus inside an influential public sector union is determined to roll back the attacks and re-energize a demoralized workforce. Photo: Hudson Valley Labor. New York state public employees, like their compatriots across the U.S., are in the gunsights of politicians eager to appease irate taxpayers by slashing workers’ pay and benefits. A new caucus…read more


How A New York Taxi Company Killed The Electric Car In 1900

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Via – Green InnovationIn the early 20th century, electric cars were actually mainstream. In 1900, there were more electric automobiles on New York City streets than cars powered by gasoline. True, there were only 4,192 cars sold in the United States that year, but 1,575 of them were electric. The advantages were obvious — electrics were quiet, clean, and easy to use. Battery power looked like the ideal choice for personal urban transportation (For what it’s worth, both electrics and gas-engined cars were both beaten in sales by steam-powered…read more


Tell the State Senate to Bring Lost Wedding Business Back to NY!

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Marriage Equality Means Business for New York Weddings are big business with far reaching consequences for employment and our economy.  New York State Senate Democrats estimate that marriage equality would bring in over $50 million a year in new revenue from a combination of marriage license fees and tourism.  This is substantiated by a 2007 report from the New York City Comptroller that estimated that, in the first three years after legalization, New York State’s economy would experience a net benefit of $210 million. Even during a recession, New York’s economy…read more


Green Party Election Results

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Image of Green Party NY Non-offical returns for all NY Green Party Candidates. Allen Carstensen Town Supervisor, Ulysses Roxanne Marino (Dem) 693 88% Allen Carstensen (Grn) 91 12% Evergreen C. Chou City Council, 20th District, Flushing, Queens Peter Koo (GOP) 8,081 49.6% Yen Chou (Dem) 7,278 44.7 % S.J. Jung (WF) 664 4.1% Evergreen Chou (Grn) 270 1.7% Jennifer Dotson Alderperson, 1st ward, Ithaca Running unopposed, 212 votes total 166 Democratic line 46 on the Green line Joe Duffy Mayor, Hornell Shawn D. Hogan (Dem) 925 66% Joseph J. Duffy…read more