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The worsening gap in higher education equity

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By Louis Barbash In a recent report on long-term trends in higher education equity, the non-profit Pell Institute came to a dispiriting conclusion: While more students are going to college, income-based gaps are worsening when it comes to higher education quality and degree attainment. In its report, the Institute looked at six “equity indicators” over a 45-year timeline, including college attendance rates, completion rates, and the type of institution attended. Perhaps most discouraging, the report found that while bachelor’s degree attainment rates have increased dramatically for higher-income students, they’ve barely budged for poorer students. For…read more

OurTown: A Parable about Inequality and the Top 1 Percent

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By Walt Glazer, In Bull Market Note from James: After I wrote “The Magnitude of Inequality,” Walt Glazer sent me the story below, which he had previously written. It’s based on an analogy that’s similar to the one I used, but more developed in some ways. I offered to post it here and he agreed. Imagine, somewhere in America, a place called OurTown. It’s an average community of 10,000 households, much like the rest of the country, except for the fact that the annual income of each household determines the…read more