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Obama double-crosses Hispanics, then denies it

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[From: MySA]  In 2008, Barack Obama promised Hispanics that, if elected, he would make immigration reform a top priority. He broke that promise and went to the other extreme by deporting more than 1.2 million illegal immigrants and breaking up hundreds of thousands of families. Or did he? Despite dozens of newspaper articles and television reports indicating otherwise, apparently Obama never really broke his campaign promise to Hispanics. Says who? Obama. He’s done making excuses; his new strategy is to deny that he has anything to excuse. The president tried out this jaw-dropping argument…read more


Liberals’ Inequality Narrative Ignores Role of Free Trade, Unionbusting – In These Times

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Via – News for GreensThe Occupy movement forcefully injected a long-taboo topic—America’s appalling “banana republic”-level economic disparities—into the mainstream political debate. That inequality has immense implications, from falling wages, to deteriorating healthcare coverage, the overgrown financial sector, and the decline of America’s productive base. Such sweeping inequality, deeply rooted in our economic and political system of legal payoffs and policy paybacks, has been intensifed by unionbusting and globalization. But even many of America’s most liberal mainstream politicians and pundits have narrowed the debate over inequality, perhaps out of a…read more