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States Weigh Legislation to Let Businesses Refuse to Serve Gay Couples

Posted by in News, Rights · by RICHARD FAUSSET ATLANTA — As it looks increasingly likely that the Supreme Court will establish a nationwide right to same-sex marriage later this year, state legislatures across the country are taking up bills that would make it easier for businesses and individuals to opt out of serving gay couples on religious grounds. Many states are now reliving a version of events that embroiled Arizona in February 2014, when Gov. Jan Brewer, a Republican, vetoed a bill that would have allowed businesses to use their religious beliefs as a legal justification for refusing to serve gay…read more

Pro-Gay Sites Filtered From Tennessee Students | Threat Level from

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Pro-Gay Sites Filtered From Tennessee Students By David KravetsApril 15, 2009 Public schools in Tennessee are filtering access to online websites discussing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues, but are not blocking sites advocating “reparative” therapy to change their lifestyle. Nobody is disputing the existence of the filters in the Knox County Schools and Metro Nashville Public Schools. But the schools are blaming their internet and filtering service for what the American Civil Liberties Union is decrying as viewpoint discrimination in violation of the First Amendment. The internet service,Education Networks…read more


HUNGER Official Trailer 2008

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Hunger, which takes an unflinching look at an IRA hunger strike, is the furthest thing from a date movie. If anything, this brutal, brilliant film — the first by a British director who just happens to share his name with a Hollywood icon — is trying to break your heart. Most of the action takes place inside Belfast’s Maze prison, where ten Irish Republicans starved themselves to death in 1981 while attempting to get the British government to recognize them as prisoners of war. Be warned: Michael Fassbender’s performance as…read more


Court keeps homeless man off Ill. village ballot

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From: Kansas City Star By DEANNA BELLANDI Associated Press Writer Daniel Fore, a homeless man and his attorney, Joseph Jacobi, right, speak at a news conference after a Cook County judge ruled that Fore could not run for a suburban village board seat because he doesn’t have an address Monday, March 9, 2009, in Chicago. The ruling upholds an Oak Park electoral board decision to bar Fore from the April 7th ballot in the suburb west of Chicago. Photo: M. Spencer Green Although he is homeless, Daniel Fore considers himself…read more