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Senate votes to give DC citizens vote in Congress

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[From AP] By JIM ABRAMS, Associated Press Writer AP  – Senate approves DC voting bill WASHINGTON(AP — The right to a vote in Congress denied the District of Columbia when it became the nation’s capital two centuries ago would be granted under legislation the Senate passed Thursday. Congress is “moving to right a centuries-old wrong,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid shortly before the 61-37 vote. The House is expected to pass the measure with a strong majority next week and President Barack Obama, a co-sponsor when the bill failed to…read more


How Perverse Incentives Drive Bad Security Decisions

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How Perverse Incentives Drive Bad Security Decisions, from WIRED Commentary by Bruce Schneier   An employee of Whole Foods in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was fired in 2007 for apprehending a shoplifter. More specifically, he was fired for touching a customer, even though that customer had a backpack filled with stolen groceries and was running away with them. I regularly see security decisions that, like the Whole Foods incident, seem to make absolutely no sense. However, in every case, the decisions actually make perfect sense once you understand the underlying incentives…read more


Pimps Go Online to Lure Kids Into Prostitution

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Pimps Go Online to Lure Kids Into Prostitution, from By Kevin Poulsen She was a 16-year-old California girl looking for trouble on MySpace; he was a 22-year-old self-described pimp who liked the revealing photos she posted to her profile. Three weeks after they met on the social networking site, they were arrested together in real life outside a cheap motel in Sacramento, 50 miles from her home. She was turning tricks. On her arm, a fresh tattoo showed bundles of cash and her new acquaintance’s street moniker in 72-point…read more


Child maid trafficking spreads from Africa to US

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The Associated Press Monday, December 29, 2008 EDITOR’S NOTE – In Africa, children of the poor are commodities, often traded like cows or donkeys by adults who value their labor. This story on child maids is the third in an occasional series on the exploitation of African children. Each story stands on its own. IRVINE, Calif. (AP)  Late at night, the neighbors saw a little girl at the kitchen sink of the house next door. They watched through their window as the child rinsed plates under the open faucet. She…read more