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[From: the New Yorker – The article implies the incorrect idea of Nader having been a spoiler in 2000, and is too hard on IRV, but is in general a good article. –RS ] No voting system is flawless. But some are less democratic than others. by Anthony GottliebJULY 26, 2010 Can theorists engineer a better way to elect candidates? Whenever the time came to elect a new doge of Venice, an official went to pray in St. Mark’s Basilica, grabbed the first boy he could find in the piazza,…read more


What justification

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“What justification could there possibly be for denying the benefits of marriage to homosexual couples exercising ‘[t]he liberty protected by the Constitution’? Surely not the encouragement of procreation, since the sterile and the elderly are allowed to marry.” –Justice Antonin Scalia writing in Lawrence v. Texas


Obama’s Af-Pak is as Whack as Bush’s Iraq

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[From Black Agenda Report] by BAR executive editor Glen Ford President Obama has reached a watershed in his presidency: he has devolved to the intellectual level of George Bush, while retaining his world class powers of speech. History may remember Obama as just another vapid but predatory imperialist president who happens to be…superficially eloquent. Unfortunately, the clarity of Obama’s diction is not matched by coherence of policy. Af-Pak is at least as whack as Bush’s Iraq. Obama’s Af-Pak is as Whack as Bush’s Iraq by BAR executive editor Glen Ford…read more


American’s Recycling Less Than 10% Of Cell Phones

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[From WHERE Blog] Ok folks, we’re officially in the Green Revolution and as such, we should all be on board.  Hybrid cars are coming out in record numbers, more people are walking, biking and using public transport; heck when celebrities are behind the cause shouldn’t you be? (Please, please tell me you heard my sarcasm.) photo credit: jurvetson At any rate, I’m disappointed in all of us.  I just read an article that explained how this past quarter, only 9.4% of all Americans who purchased new cell phones actually recycled…read more