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David Brooks: Bard of the 1 Percent | Beat the Press

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Via – News for GreensDavid Brooks delved deep into his storage locker of misinformation to tell readers that the idea of blaming the richest 1 Percent for the country’s problems is just silly. He told us that the really big ideas aren’t about reversing the upward redistribution of income from the top, they are from centrists who want to do things like cut our Social Security and make us pay more for health care. Let’s have some fun with Mr. One Percent.Show original


The Health Care Reform: Worse than Nothing!

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[From Tikkun Magazine] By Dr. John Geyman As we know, the House passed its health care reform bill on October 29, 2009 after many months of contentious debate. By a narrow margin, 220-215, the 1,990 page, almost 20 pound bill was passed. It laid out the most liberal health care reform that might be expected out of Congress this year, since any bill that may clear the Senate will certainly be more restrictive. In order to answer our question as to the value of the House bill, we need to…read more