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Spying on students? Education publisher Pearson monitoring social media activity

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By Perry Chiaramonte Published March 16, 2015 A copy of the leaked letter penned by a NJ school superintendent over Pearson’s monitoring of students’ social media. ( One of the world’s largest education publishing companies, which crafted the standardized tests for the new Common Core curriculum, has been monitoring social media accounts to see if students refer to their exams. Pearson — a British-based publishing house with it’s U.S. headquarters in New Jersey — has the contract to develop and provide the PARCC (Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness…read more

The Need for Liberal Arts Education

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Long before John Adams became the second president of the US, he attended Harvard University in 1751. When Adams graduated in 1755, he received his A.B degree. For the uninitiated, an A.B degree is simply a B.A in liberal arts. No major, no concentration. Adams went off to teach shortly after graduation where he pondered his long-term career, finally deciding on law. Adams’ educational program at Harvard was the foundation for many colleges in the US, to have a broad education in several subject areas. Almost one hundred and fifty…read more

Student Protests Still Alive

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[From The Daily Evergreen] Lynsi Burton BORDEAUX, France — I visited the office of my professor, Trudy Bolter, for a chat. She is a New York native who hasn’t been to the U.S. in 20 or 30 years. It was in the midst of municipal elections in Bordeaux, during which students bombarded me with petitions for referendums and fliers telling me how to vote on given issues. I asked my professor why the French youth are so passionate about politics. She gave me a brief history of local politics and…read more