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Why mass transit is doomed in America: Politicians don’t know people who use it

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If big, liberal cities can’t adequately fund their transit systems, what hope does anywhere else have? If you want to know why mass transit is doomed in the United States, look at the place where it is undoubtedly more successful — and more widely used — than anywhere else in the country: New York. In 2008, Michael Bloomberg proposed congestion pricing for Manhattan’s inner core, proposing an $8 charge for most passenger cars, to be charged only once a day. The money would’ve gone to the MTA, to fix up…read more

Who Rates Teachers This Way?

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David Knuffke in Medium In his recent “State of the State” address, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed substantial changes to the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) scoring system by which teachers in the state are rated every year. Currently, NYS teachers are rated under a system where classroom observations count for 60% of the rating, 20% is a state-provided score based on student performance on standardized exams (for subjects where exams exist), and 20% is a locally-determined score based on student growth. Based on these criteria, teachers are…read more

Egyptian Constitutional Revision Likely to Include Easier Ballot Access

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[From: Ballot Access News. Maybe next we can get equal ballot access in the US–RS] February 20th, 2011 According to this story, a committee appointed by the Egyptian military to suggest constitutional amendments will include easier ballot access. Current law says an independent candidate for President needs 250 signatures of members of Parliament or local councils. Because Hosni Murbarik%u2019s party, the National Democratic Party, held virtually all these offices, it was in reality impossible for an independent presidential candidate to get on the ballot. The committee will also include easier ballot…read more