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Women Hurt Most by Debt Deal Cuts to Medicare, Social Security, Tuition Aid (VIDEO)

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The debt ceiling agreement reached this week by the White House and Congress could deal a serious blow to women’s well-being, according to leading women’s rights groups. The deal will potentially impose $1 trillion in cuts to programs that mostly serve and employ women, such as family planning clinics, food stamps, college tuition assistance and childcare. The National Organization for Women (NOW), the largest feminist organization in the country, called on President Obama to “stand up to the conservatives and Tea Party activists” and resist balancing the federal budget on the backs of…read more


Progressive “One Nation” Event a Bit Disappointing, We Didn’t March

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From:OpEd News By Kevin Gosztola  And, in effect, these institutions and other organizations involved were doing a service to political leaders, who have failed Americans miserably since President Obama was elected. By managing the anger and frustration of people and ensuring it did not produce any kind of an independent movement that would result in major acts of civil disobedience, direct action or electoral activism outside of the two dominant parties in America, these institutions were helping the politicians and corporations that finance them out. On the Metro, as I…read more