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Cyberwar Is War, White House Said– but NYT Didn’t Notice

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Posted on 06/01/2012 by Steve Rendall For the second time this week, the New York Times has published a revealing report on a secret, legally questionable Obama administration program, but failed to include independent legal analysis of the controversial program. Tuesday’s Times report on the White House’s drone assassination program included no critical analysis of the thorny legal issues raised by the program. Surely independent legal experts would have something to say about the  program at large, but particularly about such details as the White House’s bizarre definition  that counts any military-aged male found in the vicinity of a bombing target…read more


Stop $8.3 Billion Taxpayer Loan for New Nuclear Reactors

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Big news on Vogtle loan–your actions now can stop it ACT NOW:  HELP STOP $8.3 BILLION TAXPAYER LOAN ENTIRELY. March 30, 2012 Dear Friends, This is big. The $8.3 Billion taxpayer loan for construction of two new reactors at the Vogtle site in Georgia, the centerpiece of the Obama Administration’s support for the “nuclear renaissance,” may be blocked–by the Obama Administration. Please act now and tell President Obama and Energy Secretary Steven Chu to stop these loans for good. And please help us spread the word–in this case, our numbers really matter….read more