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Would you vote for a Democrat who behaves like a Republican?

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Both Democrats and Republicans surveyed are approximately 19 percentage points more likely to select a candidate from their own party than one from the other party—an effect that exceeds those observed for a candidate’s policy positions and support or opposition to democratic principles. Imagine you are a fairly mainstream Republican voter and are considering Republican candidate Luis Vasquez. He says he wants to raise taxes on the wealthy and believes government should do more to prevent discrimination against racial minorities. Would you still vote for him? What if you are…read more


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The New Yorker The man who has stoked fear about impostors at the polls. BY JANE MAYER Hans von Spakovsky, a Republican lawyer who served in the Bush Administration, has promoted strict voter-I.D. laws. Photograph by Lauren Lancaster.  Teresa Sharp is fifty-three years old and has lived in a modest single-family house on Millsdale Street, in a suburb of Cincinnati, for nearly thirty-three years. A lifelong Democrat, she has voted in every Presidential election since she turned eighteen. So she was agitated when an official summons from the Hamilton County Board…read more


Nate Silver needs to discover proportional representation

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[From Jonathan Lundell at Pragmatos ] Self-described election junkie Nate Silver (FiveThirtyEight) has a piece in the NY TImes today bemoaning the failure of the US electoral system to produce competitive elections except as a rare exception. Sadly, his solution is pretty lame: The good news for fans of competitive elections is that some of these factors could conceivably be changed through acts of Congress. Congressional districts could be drawn along strictly geographic lines, for instance, or campaign finance laws could be reformed to give incumbents less of an advantage….read more