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Black Exhaustion

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By Pilot Viruet – Matter When we were children, my older brother and I looked nearly identical. So identical, in fact, that I sometimes successfully convinced strangers that we were twins, despite the two-year age difference. We wore similar boys’ clothes: baggy jeans, oversized T-shirts boasting our favorite hip-hop artists, construction boots, and camouflage jackets from our military father. I wore my hair in thick cornrow braids, typically underneath a baseball cap. I was often mistaken for a little boy and, because I’ve always been an androgynous tomboy who wanted to…read more

TSA chief admits new airport pat-downs more intrusive

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Travellers who refuse to be screened by full body scanners must undergo extensive hand searches Continue reading the main story Related stories How annoyed do people get over air security? The head of the US agency that oversees airport screening has admitted that new pat-down inspections are more invasive than previous techniques. Transportation Security Administration chief John Pistole was testifying to senators amid complaints the checks target sensitive body areas. Mr Pistole said he understood privacy concerns, but security was paramount. Meanwhile, footage of a man refusing to have his groin patted…read more