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I’m from Suffolk County on Long Island NY. I’m curretly Chair of the Green Party of Suffolk. I’ve beeen an activist for over 30 years now, and I’ve been off and on involved in things Green since the early 80s. I became quite involved with the Green Party back in 97, and am also on the GP State Committee of NY State, and a NY representative on the Coordinating Committee of the GP of the US.

Arizona Green Party Files Lawsuit Against February 28 Petition Deadline for Newly-Qualifying Parties

   by Richard Winger  On February 25, the Arizona Green Party filed a federal lawsuit against the February 28 petition deadline for newly-qualifying parties. The case is Arizona Green Party v Bennett, 2:14cv-375. There are no reported precedents that have ever upheld a petition deadline for a newly-qualifying party earlier than April. The Arizona Green Party [...]

‘ Every election I get attacked for where I live and who I am’

Green Party interim leader Adam Olsen’s goals include building bridges between aboriginals and non-aboriginals     BY MICHAEL SMYTH, THE PROVINCE   When Andrew Weaver made history by being elected the first-ever Green Party MLA, most expected he would take over the party leadership but he said he preferred that someone else take the reins. [...]

Oxfam CEO to be Green candidate

By: Julie Moffett (NEWSTALKZB) AUCKLAND – The Green Party has a new candidate in Auckland, with the CEO of Oxfam New Zealand announcing his intention of running in the 2014 election. Barry Coates says he will most likely run for Epsom or Maungakiekie, both currently held by right-wing MPs. “The odds are that I wouldn’t get elected [...]

From Blue to Green: Why I Left the Democratic Party SASHA BROOKNER From Blue to Green: Why I Left the Democratic Party “Of two evils, choose neither.” ~Charles Spurgeon Excerpt of reason # 5 of 8: 5) Because Democrats Also Love Playing G.I. Joe The grandiloquence War on Terror is merely a euphemism for ruthless ethnic cleansing indulged upon by a group of resource [...]

The Progressive Movement is a PR Front for Rich Democrats

by JOHN STAUBER, via CounterPunch There is good news in the Boston Globe today for the managers, development directors, visionaries, political hacks and propaganda flacks who run “the Progressive Movement.”   More easy-to-earn and easy-to-hide soft money, millions of dollars,  will be flowing to them from super rich Democrats and business corporations.  It will come clean, pressed [...]

Green Party of England and Wales candidate Andrew Boswell elected to city council

Breaking News: Voters in the city of Norwich have elected Green Party of England and Wales candidate Andrew Boswell to city council. Boswell took over 56% of the popular vote, becoming the new representative for Nelson ward. The victory means there are now 15 Green Party councilors elected in Norwich!

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