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Goldman Sachs vs Adjunct Professor

SC Green candidate David Kulma attends a meet-n-greet. Three Democratic candidates address Rock Hill Rising. Green Party candidate David Kulma attended a forum where retired Goldman Sachs executive Archie Parnell and two other Democrats addressed Rock Hill Rising. March 15th… Continue Reading

Kreml wins majority of South Carolina delegates to Green convention

Green Party presidential candidate Bill Kreml won the majority of South Carolina’s delegates to the Green Party presidential nominating convention at the state convention in Columbia Saturday. Kreml won five delegates, while Jill Stein won three. Kreml is professor emiritus… Continue Reading

Upcoming Green Party conventions in NY, AZ, MA, PA, SC, ME, CA

From Green Party US: Spring is the time for annual conventions of many of our affiliated State & Local Green Parties. A partial list of upcoming meetings is listed here, including New York, Arizona, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Maine, and California. Conventions have already been held in New Jersey & Illinois. Our hardy Greens in […]

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