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Green Party candidate peddles his message

[From Cheektowaga Bee ]


 Roger McGill, a firefighter with Bellevue, is a Green Party candidate for the Cheektowaga Town Board. Roger McGill, a firefighter with Bellevue, is a Green Party candidate for the Cheektowaga Town Board.Roger McGill found a new way to pound the pavement. It’s more like he’s gliding over it while delivering his promise of a more efficient town government all over Cheektowaga.

McGill, the Green Party candidate for Cheektowaga Town Board, has been riding his bike around town to meet and talk to voters. From the seat of his 18-speed, he has been spreading his message of a smarter, greener way to run the town. He’s also promising to serve as a full-time councilman.

“If our town has the highest taxes in Erie County, something’s not being run correctly, and this means we need a full-time council member who is focused on making Cheektowaga a better place to live,” he said.

McGill, 49, is a lifelong town resident, a graduate of Cheektowaga Central High School and a firefighter. He is a past chief and commissioner of Bellevue Fire Company and a past commissioner of the U-Crest Fire District.

McGill is one of seven candidates for three seats in the upcoming election. The others are incumbent Democrats Charles Markel and Richard Zydel, Republicans Angela Wozniak, Joseph Mesler and Roger Heymanowski and Democrat Gerald Kaminski.

When asked why he decided to run on the Green Party line, McGill said it’s because the two major parties don’t appeal to him.

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Greens Lead Syracuse Protest on Utility Rate Hike

Howie Hawkins, former Green Party candidate for governor, tells protesters why National Grid should be audited before the state Public Service Commission rules on a proposed rate hike. Also in this video, Renee Vogelsang, an organizer for the CNY Public Power Coalition, leads about three dozen protesters in chants against National Grid. Video by John [...]

Green Party Candidate For Governor Howie Hawkins On NY1’s “Inside City Hall”

From: NY1

Howie Hawkins Video

Green Party Candidate for Governor Howie Hawkins made his pitch to run New York State in an interview on Thursday’s edition of “Inside City Hall.”

Green Party US Senate Candidate Cecile Lawrence Speaks Against Hydrofracking

Cecile Lawrence, Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in New York, spoke at a rally in Binghamton on 9-13-2010 prior to the start of the EPA public hearing on hydraulic fracturing for shale gas, part of the agency’s new study regarding safety and effects on drinking water. (Video) Read more »

NY Gubernatorial Candidate Howie Hawkins Opposes Layoff of 2,000 State Workers

Green Party Candidate for Governor Howie Hawkins Address Teacher Groups Supporting his Campaign Oct.24 in NYC Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, said today that he is opposed to the proposed layoffs of 2,000 state employees announced by Governor Paterson. Hawkins spoke to Teachers for a Just Contract, one of a growing number of [...]

Labor Day – Howie Hawkins, The Only Union Member Running for Governor

Howie Hawkins, Green Party candidate for Governor Tax the Rich for a Green New Deal Full Employment. Government should be the employer of last resort. A locally planned, state funded WPA­style program to employ unused labor to meet unmet community needs in public works and services. A Sustainable Green Economic Recovery. Public investment in a green [...] Read more »

Hawkins On Capital Tonight

Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins discusses his bid for Governor on the political program Capital Tonight. Read more »

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