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Romanelli to Seek Legal Redress Against Democrats

By John Morgan The Pennsylvania Progressive, February 21, 2010 Carl Romanelli, the Pennsylvania Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in 2006 will seek legal redress in the courts against Democrats who threw him off the ballot using legislative staffers working on public time and with public resources. I asked Mr. Romanelli whether he and Ralph [...]

Seven plead guilty in Pennsylvania corruption case

[From: Green Party Watch] by Gregg Jocoy Back in 2006 Carl Romanelli sought to run as a Green Party candidate for US Senate in Pennsylvania. His ballot access petitions were challenged. He was tossed off the ballot. Later he was charged the costs of the challenger’s expenses. Pennsylvania is the only state to do this. [...]

Live Video Interview with Carl Romanelli, 8PM Sept. 10

GreenPartyUS – Live Internet TV
Carl Romanelli petitioned as the Green Party candidate for US Senate in Pennsylvania in 2006. He needed about 67,000 signatures and collected about 94,000. As the result of Democratic candidate Bob Casey Jr.’s efforts, Carl was thrown off the ballot and charged $80,000 in court costs. Since then a number of Democratic [...]

Romanelli Asks President Obama For Beer Summit II, Challenges Bob Casey To Basketball Game With Romanelli’s Fate As The Prize

Frustrated by yet another setback in the Pennsylvania Courts, Green Party US Senate candidate, Carl Romanelli is now asking President Obama to schedule Beer Summit II in order to attempt to resolve his ongoing saga. “We have tried everything possible in order to see justice here in Pennsylvania and we are running out of options,” Romanelli offered.