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Connecticut columnist praises Stein, Sanders

In his column in Connecticut’s Norwich Bulletin, Scott Deshefy writes, “In Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein we have candidates espousing EU political values: clean energy, single-payer healthcare, living wages, free college, sound infrastructure, objections to economic inequality. They’re also smart and practical on immigration. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump hog the limelight. By putting […]

Green Party Nominates Hawkins/Jones for Gubernatorial Ticket

Jimenez wins AG nod, Portelli for Comptroller

howie.jpg Howie Hawkins won the Green Party nomination for Governor in Troy on Saturday, setting up a rematch with Andrew Cuomo. Hawkins says he plans to challenge the 1% tag team of Cuomo and Republican nominee Astorino on economic, climate change and criminal justice issues. Hawkins also wants NY to go carbon free with a 100%, clean renewable energy by 2030, while providing a public living wage job to any New Yorker who needs one.

The Greens selected NYC Educator Brian Jones to highlight their opposition to Cuomo’s education policies promoting privatization of the education system, including his promotion of the Common Core agenda and charter schools. The Greens are seeking full funding to meet the educational needs of New Yorkers, including free tuition at CUNY and SUNY.

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Howie Hawkins in Westchester: “Close Indian Point,” Presents Plan to Reduce Property Taxes

Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant
Image by Tony the Misfit via Flickr
Calls for Shutdown of  Indian Point, Nukes, Ban on Hydrofracking Outlines Plan to  Reduce Local Property Taxes, calling for State Takeover of  Medicaid, More  State Funding for  Schools, No Property Tax Cap (Westchester) Howie  Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, called today for rapid major  investment in renewable clean energy sources so as to move [...] Read more »

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