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Stein interviewed by New York Daily News

In an interview with The New York Daily News, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein said, “Polls show that the majority of Americans don’t support either party. Most Hillary Clinton supporters are backing her to oppose Donald Trump. And most… Continue Reading

Connecticut newspaper editorial: Sanders backers can choose Stein

Connecticut’s Norwich Bulletin says in an editorial that “much has been made of recent polling showing that more than half of voters dislike” Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, “but provided her Connecticut petition drive is successful, voters here will have… Continue Reading

Connecticut columnist praises Stein, Sanders

In his column in Connecticut’s Norwich Bulletin, Scott Deshefy writes, “In Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein we have candidates espousing EU political values: clean energy, single-payer healthcare, living wages, free college, sound infrastructure, objections to economic inequality. They’re also smart and practical on immigration. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump hog the limelight. By putting […]

Columnist: Greens “after Sanders to run as their party’s nominee”

In his New York Daily News column, Denis Hamill recounts a conversation with his 16-year-old son about the 2016 presidential race. When his son mentions that an 18-year-old friend, registered as a Green Party voter, is intrigued by the presidential candidacies of Sen. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, Hamill writes, “The Green Party has been […]

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