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Stein tops 80% in Arizona Green Party presidential primary

With 85% of precincts reporting, Jill Stein has easily won the Arizona Green Party presidential primary, receiving 567 votes, or 82% of the total, to Kent Mesplay’s 125 (18%). Stein and Mesplay were the only candidates on the Green primary ballot. Mesplay wrote on Facebook during the day Tuesday, “Doing handyman work in Arizona, and […]

Cherney says he was “threatened physically by a Trump supporter”

Green Party presidential candidate Darryl Cherney said via Facebook that he was “threatened physically by a [Donald] Trump supporter” on Friday evening at a restaurant in Garberville, California. Cherney, who was with his four-year-old daughter, wrote, He had no idea who I was or who was going to vote for. … He didn’t want us […]

Kreml says Stein will “probably” be Green presidential nominee

Green Party presidential candidate Bill Kreml said that Jill Stein will “probably” be the Green nominee. Writing on Facebook, Kreml said, “In November, there will be other choices beyond the usual Republican/Democrat duopoly. There will be a Green candidate, probably Jill Stein, who opposes our wars with their massive killing of civilians, the gathering inequality, […]

Green Party Watch presidential candidate statement series

On January 2, Green Party Watch invited the five presidential candidates recognized by the Green Party of the United States — Darryl Cherney, Bill Kreml, Kent Mesplay, Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry, and Jill Stein — to submit statements for publication. The candidates were contacted by email, Facebook, and official campaign websites. The campaigns were […]

Kreml addresses Mountain Party of West Virginia

Green Party presidential candidate Bill Kreml recently addressed the Mountain Party of West Virginia, the state’s Green Party affiliate, and called them “an awesome group of people.” Writing on Facebook, Kreml said, “The political reality that the state of West Virginia has to deal with is overwhelming. But twenty very capable and very dedicated people, […]

Cherney supports lowering voting age to 16

Darryl Cherney, who is exploring a run for the 2016 Green Party presidential nomination, said via Facebook that he supports lowering the voting age to 16. Cherney made the comment in response to an effort underway in the District of Columbia to lower the voting age there to 16. Several other cities are also considering […]

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