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DeMare: Ohio Green Party “almost doubled in size” with recent registrations

Ohio Green Party U.S. Senate candidate Joe DeMare breaks down the Ohio Secretary of State’s analysis of the state’s March primaries, writing that while many registered Greens switched to the Democratic Party, “presumably to vote for Bernie [Sanders],” for every… Continue Reading

Stein takes part in anti-fossil fuels actions in Washington State

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein says she spent her “birthday weekend in Washington State with Greens and other activists taking part in the Break Free from Fossil Fuels global wave of action. And this was truly global: tens of… Continue Reading

Lavender Caucus’s Dennis: Greens have led the way on LGBTQIA+ rights

Michael Dennis of the Green Party Lavender Caucus Steering Committee writes at The Huffington Post that as “the world celebrates International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia,” he is taking the “opportunity to reflect on the contributions that the Green… Continue Reading

CounterPunch: Greens playing “long game” with presidential campaign

Andrew Stewart writes at CounterPunch that the Green Party is laying the path very early to lead a pack of [Bernie] Sanders supporters to the [Jill] Stein campaign. This explains the reason the party recently said there will be a… Continue Reading

Greens send Earth Day message to Sanders backers

On Earth Day, the Green Party of the United States sent a “message to Bernie Sanders’ supporters: Green are preparing to welcome all those who want to maintain the political revolution that Mr. Sanders’ campaign represents if Hillary Clinton wins… Continue Reading

Maryland Green U.S. House candidate Hoenig says Greens are real alternative

Myles Hoenig, Green Party candidate for U.S. House in Maryland’s Seventh District, said in an interview with Iran’s PressTV that the Green Party, not Sen. Bernie Sanders, offers the real alternative to traditional American politics. “For the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders is the real deal when it comes to a ‘revolution,'” Hoenig said. “However, Sanders […]

U.S. Green Party leaders call for Instant Runoff Voting

Leaders of the Green Party of the U.S. said Monday that voters should push for, and legislators should adopt, Instant Runoff Voting, also called Ranked-Choice Voting, in all at-large elections at the federal and state level. The Greens said that IRV, which allows voters rank the candidates in order of preference instead of voting for […]

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