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Green Party to Obama: Call off federal crackdowns on medical marijuana, respect state laws

Green Party of the U.S.Social & Economic Justice
  Green presidential nominee Jill Stein challenges Obama on marijuana policy. WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party leaders and candidates called on President Obama to order his Justice Department to stop overriding state laws that allow medical marijuana by raiding and prosecuting cannabis dispensaries. “The federal crackdowns show the Justice Department’s disregard and contempt for local [...]

Green Party leaders call for a moratorium on nuclear plants

Greens also called for a close monitoring by US agencies of radiation levels throughout the Pacific and along the west coast, with accurate information published about any radioactivity discovered in these areas, especially in farm produce and other fo... Read more »

Greens Lead Syracuse Protest on Utility Rate Hike

Howie Hawkins, former Green Party candidate for governor, tells protesters why National Grid should be audited before the state Public Service Commission rules on a proposed rate hike. Also in this video, Renee Vogelsang, an organizer for the CNY Public Power Coalition, leads about three dozen protesters in chants against National Grid. Video by John [...]

NY State Green Party Declares Victory, Reclaims Ballot Line

With 32% of precincts counted and more to come in, the New York State Green Party declared victory at 11:30 PM on election night. The votes cast for Howie Hawkins and Gloria Mattera will secure the Green Party a ballot line for the next four years, and represent support for the “Green New Deal.” Support [...]

The Green Party catches on!

[From t2 creative technology solutions]

This is a follow up to my previous blog regarding Irish politicians utilising the internet. Here is a nice and simple example of how it’s done. It’s nothing too cutting edge or demanding. It doesn’t take a whole pile of organisation, doesn’t cost a pile and will bring their message to a new audience. It’s a video competiton. A viral one. Sounds infectious….ahem…sorry.

“The Green Party has launched a competition for filmmakers and animators, who are asked to submit short viral videos promoting green messages. First prize is €1,000 and the winner will be selected by delegates at the Party’s Convention in March 2009″.

How easy is that? For a measly €1,000 they get lots o’ advertising, people promoting their message and many more people soaking up their greenie vibes through these youtube videos. The 2 videos with the largest number of views will be shortlisted and the winner will be decided at the Green Convention in March.

Easy Peasy.

See for more info.

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