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Activists Frack Themselves

Image by arimoore via Flickr [From: On The Wilder Side] During last year’s election, anti-fracking activists wasted time protesting Andrew Cuomo.  He could care less.  All he cared about was money and votes, and they did not get in the way of either.  Fracking activists ignored calls to raise funds for and get votes for fracking-ban governor [...]

Open Letter to Gov. Cuomo from Howie Hawkins, 2010 Green Party candidate for Governor of NY

[GPNY Co-chairs Howie Hawkins and Peter LaVenia on WAMC, the NPR affiliate in the Capital Region. ] An Open Letter to Andrew Cuomo December 30, 2010 Dear Governor Cuomo, Congratulations on your election. During our recent Gubernatorial contest, we emph…

NY Budget Massacre

The Stony Brook Press (SUNY) Endorses Howie Hawkins

The brutal austerity budgets from Albany are justified on an illusory economic disaster, supposedly the result of a downturn on Wall Street–while at the same time, the Wall Street Journal reports that for the second consecutive year, pay on Wall Str…

Metroland Newspaper Endorses Howie Hawkins for Governor

Metroland: Howie Hawkins for New York State Governor Carl Paladino represents what is perhaps most loathsome in politics these days—a rich, Albany insider trying to capitalize on fear, racism and bigotry to gain control of the government that already…

Vote Howie Hawkins for Governor – Green Party

Howie Hawkins, a Green New Deal – Green Party, NYS

Hawkins: I won’t Fire Commissioners for Speaking the Truth

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, said today that as Governor he would not fire Commissioners for speaking the truth. Hawkins was reacting to the firing of DEC Commissioner Pete Grannis following the leak of an internal memo that …