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Obama’s Centrism Could Drive the GOP Out of Business

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Article printed from Pajamas Media By Jennifer Rubin Perhaps it is all a gigantic head fake. Maybe President-elect Obama is going to dash Left as soon as he utters the words “So help me God” next week. But so far, there seems to be the most astounding and sweeping [...]

Cynthia McKinney Wins Green Party Presidential Nomination

Cynthia McKinney won the Green Party of the United States presidential nomination at the July 12 GP-US Convention in Chicago. McKinney, a former Member of Congress from Georgia, received 313 of 532 first round votes to earn nomination by Greens delegates from across the country excited that she will be their standard bearer this year. [...]

Green Party Presidential Candidate Forum

The Green Party Presidential Candidate Forum was held tonight in at the Green Party US Annual Meeting/Convention at the Palmer House in Chicago. It was moderated by former Green Party of Illinois candidate for governor, Rich Whitney. The large ballroom was packed with Greens, and interest shown by the large amount of media present. All [...]