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Green Party Candidate For Governor Howie Hawkins On NY1′s “Inside City Hall”

From: NY1 Green Party Candidate for Governor Howie Hawkins made his pitch to run New York State in an interview on Thursday’s edition of “Inside City Hall.” (Video) Read more »

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Howie Hawkins Calls for Permanent Hydrofracking Ban

Green Party NY Gubernatorial Candidate Howie Hawkins joins with other Green Party Candidates and Elected Officials to Call for a Permanent Hydrofracking Ban Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, joined with Dr. Cecile Lawrence, the Green Party nominee for US Senate (against Gillibrand) and Mary Jo Long, Green Party Afton Town Board member, [...] Read more »

Howie Hawkins “Green Hornet” video

Howie Hawkins, the  Green Party candidate for Governor of NY State, has a new internet ”Green Hornet” video  commercial featuring his endorsement by Ralph Nader. [Video] Read more »

Howie Hawkins, Candidate for Governor of NY, on Education

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party of NY’ s candidate for Governor of NY State, on education in NYS.

Top Seven Reasons to vote NO on Proposition 14

By Bryan Blum
California Labor Federation

With less than a week left until the June 8 election day, we’re counting down the top seven reasons to vote NO on Proposition 14, the Top Two Primaries Act that will require that all candidates run in a single primary open to all registered voters regardless of party affiliation, with the top two vote-getters meeting in a runoff.
7. Third parties would be wiped out.

Prop. 14 restricts voter choice by effectively blocking third party candidates from moving to the general election ballot. If you’re a member of the Green Party, American Independent, or Peace and Freedom party, there’s virtually no chance you can vote for your party’s candidate in a general election.

6. More Democrat vs. Democrat and Republican vs. Republican general elections.

Rather than increasing voter choice as its proponents claim, Prop. 14 will mean voters have fewer options when it comes to the general election. That’s why both Democrats and Republicans agree on something — Prop. 14 is bad policy for California voters.

5. Higher costs for taxpayers.

Prop. 14 costs more. If two candidates of the same party advance to the general election, taxpayers are paying to run the same electoral contest twice.

4. It eliminates write-in candidates.
Read more »

Adrian Ramsay Introduces the Green Party Shop

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