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V.I. Green Party Challenges (Video)

Starting a political party is no simple thing. But the local Virgin Islands Green Party is trying to emerge from this election as a political party and not a political body. What’s the difference? News2′s Erica Bivens spoke with the V.I. Green Party’s Executive Director and has this story.

Democrats for Brenda Konkel

Minority rule plan urged for Iceland

The Irish Times DEREK SCALLY in Berlin The Left-Green party – now the most popular party in Iceland, say polls – has been buoyed by an anti-capitalist feeling. The party has called for a renegotiation of the two-year $10 billion International Monetary Fund aid package. Iceland’s president has called on the centre-left Social Democratic Alliance [...]

Tony Juniper selected as Green Party General Election candidate for Cambridge

[From Rupert's Read] Radiohead star Thom Yorke backs Juniper to be “a great Green Party MP” The Green Party today announces that Tony Juniper, recent Director of Friends of the Earth, has been selected as General Election candidate for Cambridge. There will be a press launch at the Cambridge Corn Exchange, starting at 11.30am Wednesday [...]

Victory for third parties / A more level field

[From Press of Atlantic City]New Jersey’s Conservative Party, Green Party and Libertarian Party may not agree on much – but a year ago, they agreed they were all getting the shaft.New Jersey law does not treat them the same way it treats the dominant Democratic and Republican parties. So this coalition of “third parties,” along [...]