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Think Again Vote Green

Think Again Vote Green

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Matt Reichel, Green Party candidate for the U.S. House, 5th district Illinois

Matt Reichel Wins Primary, Takes on “The Machine”

Hi. My name is Matt Reichel, and I am a Green Party candidate running for the U.S. House seat from the 5th district of Illinois in the coming special election.

I am running because I believe that the Congress needs an innovative perspective that won’t be offered by the mainstream politicians seeking this office.

I am the youngest and most progressive candidate in this election. At 27 years old, I offer the freshest perspective on the very serious challenges that face this country today: unending imperial war in the Middle East, a drastic recession created largely by corruption and greed in the financial sector, and the increasing precariousness of the working majority. What’s more, my background is as a peace activist and grassroots journalist: my track record is one of consistent progressivism. I have fought to end the Bush wars since the day the president took office, be it as a canvasser, lobbyist, writer, political volunteer, or, now, as a candidate for federal office. Read more »

Green Party Annual Meeting

Well the Green Party Annual Meeting is underway in Chicago. On Thursday there were workshops and meetings of GP-US committees as well as state caucuses. The Presidential Nominating Convention is all day Saturday at the Chicago Symphony Center.

There are more workshops and caucuses scheduled for today, as well as Platform Hearings this morning (the Convention also votes on the GP-US platform). This afternoon the Green National Committee meets. The main items seem to be committee reports and the election of Steering Committee members (co-chairs and a treasurer).

At 7 pm there is the Presidential Candidate Forum. I had hoped to be able to blog live from there, but with limited phone and wifi access from the Palmer Hotel, this seems not likely (unless something changes). We will see about blogging from the Symphony Center from the convention.

Not a lot of news yet. Rosa Clemente being Cynthia McKinney’s VP pick was creating some buzz. I’m both a GNC representative from NY, and a delegate to the convention, so I’ll post updates of interest. -RS

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